What’s A Good Marriage Look Like?

What’s a good marriage look like? Even if we don’t ask this question out loud, we all wonder what a good marriage really looks like. Maybe you have your own ideas about what a good marriage looks like. When you think about a good marriage, maybe you picture a husband and wife…

  • Laughing together over a meal.
  • Helping each other around the house.
  • Taking the kids to the park.
  • Enjoying a leisurely vacation together.
  • Flirting and being sexually playful.
  • Walking arm in arm.
  • Quietly reading the paper together.

Those images are all great, and certainly can be pictures of a good marriage. But I think there’s more. I have the privilege to be around couples who have been married for a long time. I’m talking about marriages that have lasted more than a half a century.  Sometimes they reminded me that a good marriage goes deeper than the things we picture.

I recently came across a video of a friend of mine talking about his marriage of nearly 68 years. The video was shot 3 years ago and at the time of the video his wife had already passed away. Not long after the video was shot, He passed away.

I recently watched this video again, and the first thing I thought was… “I want my marriage to look like that.” The second thing I thought was, “I’ve got more work to do.”

What’s a good marriage look like? Watch this video. It says it better than I ever could.

(Special thanks to Warren Baptist Church for the use of the video.)

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