Nsoko, eSwatini

Warren Missionaries Stephen Spragg & family



To see people living Christ-centered, Word-saturated, Spirit-empowered lives, who are impacting others with the Gospel message. That we, the church, would arise and be used to turn the world upside down for His great Name.


Our area of focus for ministry is centered around the local church, Big Bend Community Church, where Stephen is the lead pastor. Big Bend Community Church is a growing, English speaking church with currently more than 15 different cultures, and ethnicities represented.  This gives an incredible picture of a united, and diverse, body of Christ.   In addition to the church, and the relationships that brings, the Lord has given us other ministry opportunities for discipleship and spiritual growth, such as:

ReNew Me – a yearly missionary women’s retreat

Pastoral Equipping – aiding in equipping local/rural pastors in Biblical interpretation, and message preparation to teach God’s Word

Basketball – coaching at a local high school, and building a local community court on our homestead

Cultural Context

We live and work in the Kingdom of Eswatini, located in the southern part of Africa bordering South Africa and Mozambique. The national language is siSwati, but many people speak English as well. Our home is located within one of the local communities, which gives us added opportunity to build relationships with many locals in our community beyond just ministry. With that being said, our ministry is not solely focused on the local Swazi people, but God has opened the door to be able to build kingdom impacting relationships and ministry opportunities with a diverse group of people.