what Are You Reading? – Generational Prayer

May 29, 2023

Join Meaghan in Psalm 145 for a deep look into the power of generational prayer.

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What Are You Reading – Earnestly Pray

May 22, 2023

Turn to Acts 12 with Meaghan and take time to envision what it would be like to earnestly pray as the early Church did.  

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What Are You Reading? – Inhale & Exhale

May 8, 2023

Turn your Bible to Matthew 5 and prepare to breathe in and breathe out the blessings of the Beatitudes!

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What Are You Reading? – God of Restoration

May 1, 2023

Today Meaghan shares a fun new insight she learned about the early Church and God’s plan of restoration through the number 3,000!    

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What Are You Reading? – Planted Tree

April 25, 2023

Join Jacqueline and Meaghan for a word of encouragement and being rooted in God’s Word.

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What Are You Reading? Forty Days

April 17, 2023

Join Meaghan as she looks at the significance of forty days and an insight into what the Lord is teaching her!  

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What Are You Reading? – Slow Down

April 16, 2023

Christ is risen! We hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration. Take a moment today to watch and listen as Meaghan shares some insights into the aftermath of Christ’s Resurrection.

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What Are You Reading: Marks of Christ

April 3, 2023

Join Meaghan as she jumps into the end of the Book of Galatians and a phrase that made her ponder the sacrifice of Christ.  

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What Are YOU Reading? – Blessings Overflow

March 27, 2023

Join Meaghan Saxon for a moment in John 6 and a reminder of the blessings that overflow!  

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What Are Your Reading? – A Family Trait

March 20, 2023

Today, Cynthia Stuckey and Jacqueline Heider discuss some insights into Exodus 33 and Moses seeking the glory of God. Cynthia has such a way with words that brings a practical way to understand holiness.

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