Ministry Residency


Our goal is to walk with men and women who are exploring a call to ministry. A person who goes through our program will learn how to lead themselves and to lead others. We are committed to discipling young leaders and fostering their growth in knowledge, character, vision, and skills.


Residents 2022-2023

About Our Ministry Residency

Every resident is immersed in ministry opportunities that align with their personal passion. This is a 12 month, 29 hour-per-week program which combines focused training, hands-on experience, and intentional mentorship to help participants grow in their leadership ability and clarify their calling. It is our desire to see competent and compassionate leaders be developed for the sake of carrying out God's mission.


Our residents will attend monthly training sessions that will cover several meaningful and practical ministry and spiritual growth topics. 


The development of a ministry leader does not stop at the practical experiences of ministry. Character is one of the most important pieces. 


Residents will be placed in live ministry settings to take all the Head and Heart knowledge and put it into daily practice. 

Avery Spurlock

Resident 2023-2024

"In the Residency I have learned to serve out the overflow of my heart. This residency has stretched me in my personal walk with Jesus, as well as helped me learn how to serve others. I have learned to really connect with and disciple those around me."

Abigail Mongillo

Resident 2023-2024

"The residency program has allowed me the opportunity to learn, grow, make small mistakes, and be taught how to fix them and grow from them. I have learned how to let go of fears and be able to walk into the next chapter of life, wherever God places me, with more confidence, excitement, and gratitude."

Gary Henderson

Resident 2022-2023

"To be a leader, you have to be willing to be a learner! I have been challenged to grow in my spiritual walk, and my leadership from this residency program experience."

Mia Bright

Resident 2022-2023

"One of the most beneficial parts of the program for me has been the coaching sessions by different ministry leaders and being able to learn from their gifts, experience, and strengths. I am also extremely grateful for my ministry mentor. She has been a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for me."

Seth Peacock

Resident 2023-2024

"The opportunity to learn under the leadership at Warren Church has been invaluable. This experience has challenged me to be more organized, proactive, and relational. Above all else, this ministry has challenged me to grow deeper in my knowledge of the Bible and my relationship with Jesus Christ."

Lorenzo Rodgers

Resident 2022-2023

"I've enjoyed the opportunity to gain perspective on staying healthy outside of vocational ministry and continue to become more like Jesus, which should be the heart of anyone who pursues the call of ministry."


Andrew Bryan

Executive Pastor, Grovetown Campus, Director of Residency

Andrew Bryan

"I am so grateful to be a part of leading our Ministry Residency. It is our desire at Warren to see competent and compassionate leaders be developed for the sake of carrying out God’s mission here on earth. I truly believe that this program will foster growth among young leaders and give them the opportunity to gain real life ministry experience as they are discipled by our staff and other ministry mentors."