Reaching Hands Adoption Ministry


Promoting domestic and international adoption awareness by supporting adoptive families in the CSRA through information, encouragement, and financial assistance.


The ministry of Reaching Hands began when several families from Warren Baptist Church came together in the hopes of making a difference for families considering adoption.  The decision to adopt is an exciting display of compassion and love…but the process itself can be daunting.  Reaching Hands provides information and encouragement as families navigate through the various steps in the journey.  Additionally, for most families, the financial costs of adoption can be staggering.  Whether a family is pursuing a domestic or an international adoption, their costs will range from around $25,000 to $50,000!  Through the financial donations made to Reaching Hands Adoption Ministry, we have been able to help over 30 children from all over the world come home to their forever families.


Cultural Context

Reaching Hands ministers to Christian families in the CSRA who are pursuing domestic or international adoptions.


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