Bible Reading Plan Suggestions

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If we want to know God, we must understand He has revealed Himself in two ways: in His Son, Jesus Christ, and through His Word, the Bible. Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1) in the body even as Scripture is the Word of God in a book (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Both reveal the nature and character of God to us. We must receive Christ in order to be reconciled to God. We must read the Scripture in order to be set apart (sanctified) in truth (John 17:17).

In order to provide some direction for personal Bible reading in the coming year, here are several plans you may want to consider as you seek to establish a pattern of daily Bible reading:

1. The Navigators’ discipleship ministry suggests three plans that vary to fit your daily schedule: Discipleship Journal Bible Reading PlanBook-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan or 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan.

2. Our Warren App (a free download from the App Store: Warren A Way of Life) has a Bible icon at the bottom of the screen with both a daily reading plan and an option for individual Bible books that can be read to you. I have especially enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Scripture while walking or driving.

3. For those involved in our Discipleship Groups (D-Groups), many have benefited from the F260 Bible Reading Plan (Read Through the Bible or
or Read Through the New Testament).

4. You can also choose one book of the Bible, like James. With five brief chapters, you can read a chapter a day for five days and repeat for a month. You’ll be amazed at what you see and gather as you focus on one book read repeatedly.

5. Something I do from time to time is to go through the Psalms in 30 days. It works like this: Read Psalm 1, then add 30 to it to read Psalm 31, then Psalm 61, Psalm 91 and Psalm 121 on the first day. Follow this pattern for 30 days and you will read through all 150 Psalms in 30 days.

I hope I have not created confusion, but provided some helpful and practical options to help you adopt the right plan for your schedule and your need.

It was great to see so many gathered on both campuses and in all of our venues on Sunday. I hope you’ll make church attendance in 2019 a habit too!

That we may know Him,


David H. McKinley
Pastor-Teacher, Warren Baptist Church

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