I Slipped in the Shower and Fell Into a Good Marriage

It was one of those evening when I was in a lousy mood.  After watching two episodes of “House” (episodes that seemed to flaunt a lack of commitment in marriage by the way), I got up to take a shower and go to bed.

I was finishing my shower and getting ready to turn off the water when it happened.  I slipped, spun around, and went down like Shamoo at Sea World.

Hearing the unmistakable sound, my wife rushed into the bathroom to find me half in the tub, half out of the tub, and tangled up in the shower curtain.  There were arms, legs, and other body parts everywhere.  (Did I mention that I have a body that’s nowhere near ready for the beach?)  It was not a pretty sight.

I got up (and not very gracefully I might add) mumbling and grumbling excessively.  If my mood was not good before the fall, it was up for an academy award after the fall.

But my wife never laughed…even if she wanted to.  She didn’t lecture me on being more careful.  She didn’t even say, “Well it serves you right for being in such a lousy mood all evening.”  Instead she…

  • Helped me up
  • Made sure I was alright
  • Helped me put things back in order

I wish I could say I thankfully expressed my gratitude for this in the moment, but I’m not that good of a husband.  Instead, I went to bed in an even worse mood than before.  But after I had slept on it. I realized what had happened.  I had witnessed marriage commitment at it’s finest…despite what House has to say about it.  I had slipped in the shower and had fallen into a good marriage.

My wife had looked past my bumbling, stumbling, and grumbling.  She saw someone different than the dripping, out-of-shape mess standing before her.  I think this must be her super power, and I am very grateful for her and her superpower.  (God knows living with me has given her plenty of opportunities to perfect that super power.)

The shower incident may have been a preview of coming attractions.  A preview of shower chairs and tub appliqués. A preview of walkers and Life Alert buttons.  But if the shower incident was a preview of a spouse who will continue to love me, even when I’m on my second broken hip…then BRING IT ON!

Thank you my super hero.

You may have your own version of a shower story.  Leave a comment and let us know.

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