God’s Holy People

Men's blog post 4

To God’s holy people in Colossae, the faithful brothers and sisters in Christ…-Colossians 1:2

Wait… Is that a typo?
Is this one of those new fangled Bible translations just trying to make everybody feel good? Did Paul really just address this letter to God’s holy people? Wow!

Now to hear some of my Christian brothers and sisters talk we might as well just stop right there. This letter couldn’t be for us. After all, aren’t we just poor sinners saved by grace?

I gotta tell y’all, it grieves my heart how quickly some are ready to deny what’s been given to us… What God Himself has and is making us into as new creations in Christ.
Oh I know, often times we don’t feel holy or act holy or think holy, but from what I see right here… Right here in my Bible, He says we’re holy!

So Christian… Who you gonna believe?
Your feelings, your thoughts, your actions…
Or the Almighty God and His Word right here in front of us?

Pray with me now won’t you… Father thank You for forgiveness and salvation. For making a way for us to be in You again. For making a way for us to be good again. Now Holy Spirit help us to take hold of the Life we’ve been given in Christ. Help us live from the Love and Power and Goodness of Jesus in us. Yes Lord, strengthen our hearts to believe and work out what You’ve given us in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Alright now all you holy folk…
There’s a lot of holy life to be lived out there you know. Y’all ready? Come on then…
Let’s Go!

Charles Welch
Momentum Men’s Leader