April 20, 2016

Go There. Prayer.

For the next four weeks our church will join together in a season of prayer leading up to National Day of Prayer. This past Wednesday, we gathered to watch War Room, a movie portraying the power of fighting our battles in prayer.

I invite you to join us tonight (April 20, 2016) for a workshop exploring several prayer strategies that will help you fight and win your daily battles on your knees in prayer.


Acts 13-14 unveils the first missionary journey in the history of the Church. Called to go, and sent out by God, followers of Christ set out to share the Gospel. Going forward in Acts, we will see a travel log of these journeys, but Acts is not where missionary life ends. Indeed believers, then and now, are called to Go There with the Gospel. The same wind of the Spirit that drove Paul and others is still moving the church today, continuing the work of Christ for generations to come. As we capture the essence of Paul and Barnabas’ first journey, daily we must also recapture God’s intent in our own lives for missional living. We are all called to gather and go. We must focus our lives and our future on the Gospel as God opens doors of opportunity, even in the midst of adversity, so He can blend lives and build faith for the Kingdom.

How are you seeing the wind of the Spirit blow across your life and the lives of others you know?
How is adversity affecting your ability to live on mission for God?

Do you see God building your faith and the faith of others around you for the Kingdom?

Use these points to focus your prayers for missional living this week.

  • Praise Jesus: Our Redeemer, Sustainer, and Supplier.
  • Repent from any complacency in living life on mission.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you surrender your will for His.
  • Yield to the Spirit and trust God to guide and help you share the Gospel in your daily life.

Jacqueline Heider
Director of Women’s Ministry, Prayer & Resource Specialist