June 15, 2016

Praise to Ignite Victory 

Our most powerful weapon in battle is praise. Praise ignites victory and sends the enemy running. Try beginning and ending your prayers with praise.

Why Praise? 

•Praise places God in His rightful position.

•Praise is unselfish. It causes us to shift our prayer from self to God.

•Praise changes our focus causing us to believe God for all He is.

•Praise was modeled for us by Jesus.

•Praise invites God’s presence.

•Praise sends the enemy running.

•Praise sparks victory! (2 Chronicles 20 & Acts 16:22-26)

Satan is allergic to praise, so where there is massive triumphant praise, Satan is paralyzed, bound and banished.—Paul Billheimer

Ways to praise:

•Praise God for His name.

•Praise God for His righteousness.

•Praise God for His infinite creation.

•Praise God for His Word.

The purpose of prayer isn’t to get answers; the purpose of prayer is to get to the heart of God.