Refocus: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting Introduction


For 21 days, beginning September 10, we will embark on a journey together that will help refocus our thinking, shape our actions, and mold our spirits to be attuned to God’s heart in a deeper, more profound way. We are living in uncertain times—times filled with anxious and weary hearts. But God never meant for us to go about our daily lives void of joy and peace, faith-shaken and fear-gripped. His love compels us to look for Him and seek Him in the midst of confusion, distress, fear, isolation, and the unknown.

We hope you will join us every day for the next 21 days for this dedicated time of prayer and fasting together. We ask that you pray daily, using the guide that will be sent to your inbox each morning, and prayerfully consider fasting as the Lord leads. We have provided some resources on prayer and fasting below that will help you develop and grow in your prayer life and give you a further explanation on fasting if this discipline is new to you

The Importance and Power of Praise in Prayer:

  • Through praise, we place God in His rightful position. We are reminded of who He is and who we are not.
  • Through praise, we can strengthen our faith because it helps us fix our faith in our merciful, all-powerful God who is infinitely greater than any person or circumstance.
  • Through praise, we can tune into God’s presence. Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people.
  • Through praise, we can activate God’s power. Read 2 Chronicles 20 to see an amazing example of the results of God’s people praying with a major emphasis on praise.
  • Through praise, we can profit more from our trials because praise can heighten our awareness that difficult circumstances are God’s blessings in disguise.
  • Through praise, we are reminded of who God is, giving us greater confidence in Him.
  • Through praise, we can bring glory and pleasure to God. Praise delights God’s heart.

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