Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name. –Acts 10

Acts is a book of action. It is the exciting story of the spread of Christianity from its provincial beginnings to a place of global prominence. As you will observe from Acts chapter 10, every expansion and advance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was first marked by a single proclamation. This announcement is the theme, the core, the foundation, the declaration of all faithful Christian teaching and preaching. What is this foundational proclamation? It is the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When a person professes faith and belief in Jesus––no matter the gender, ethnicity, or background––one thing is certain, he or she becomes a child of the living and reigning King of kings and Lord of lords. Why should the resurrection matter to you? It matters because the resurrection provides resolution to the problem of sin in every life. Without the resurrection there is no resolution. Peace, power, presence, pardon––without the empty tomb none of these assurances reside. But each of these promises become actions in the life of every believer because Jesus lived, died, and rose again.

As you pray this week focus on the saving work of Jesus Christ completed on the Cross. Think of the amazing love, the restoration and redemption, the peace and power that you now have in Him. Praise Him. Thank Him. Rest in His presence daily as you dwell with Him in prayer.

Praise Jesus as your Redeemer, Risen Savior, and Reigning Lord.

Repent from any disobedience in your walk with Christ.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you share the resurrection with someone this week.

Yield to the Spirit and trust God to help you tell others about Him. 

Jacqueline Heider
Director of Women’s Ministry, Prayer, & Resource Specialist