Putting On A Gentle & Quiet Spirit – Week 1

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I am so glad that you have decided to join us for our Fall Online Bible Study, Putting on a Gentle & Quiet Spirit by Elizabeth George. I believe that this study on 1 Peter will be life-changing for us, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to dive in!

To participate in this study you will need to purchase a copy of the book. You may do so by coming by our Women’s Ministry office or by going online and purchasing the book here.

This is an in-depth study on the book of 1 Peter. Now, I hope the word “in-depth” didn’t frighten you. That simply means we are going to take short sections of Scripture each week and discover what God’s Word says by observing the text, interpreting the text correctly, and then applying the truths we learn to our everyday lives. For further information on this type of study method read pp. 143-146 in your book.

In this post we will walk through Lesson 1 together and for homework you will need to complete lessons 2, 3, and 4. The lessons are short, so you should have no trouble completing the assignment by next Wednesday. But the great thing about online studies is that you may go at your own pace. So …  no worries!

Let’s begin:

Lesson 1

  • Read “Before You Begin” located on the page before Lesson 1.
  • Read pp. 13-14 of Lesson 1.
  • Now take a moment and work through Lesson 1 questions 1-5 on p.15
  • Read pp. 16-18.

That’s it! Well, sort of. I want to take a moment to talk with you about a couple of the important words Elizabeth George pointed out in Lesson 1.

Grace – If you are a believer, you have God’s favor! For your situation … You have whatever it is going to take for you to endure, cope, have the victory, and be triumphant in it.

Peace You have God’s rest in your suffering.

Isn’t that wonderful! We have God’s two “Great Enablers” – grace and peace. Take a moment and thank God for these two gifts. Pray, as Peter did, that God’s grace would be multiplied in you in every increasing measure.

Don’t forget your assignment for next week … Lessons 2-4.

Have a wonderful week and remember to post your comments on this question below:

  • How do you think grace and peace (the two virtues Peter mentions in verse 2) can equip you to face persecution?