Winter Online Bible Study Intro

Vitality Series

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Welcome to our online study on the names of God! We’ll be using the book by Kay Arthur, Lord, I Want to Know You. You may purchase your book through the WOW office or by ordering it online.

Here’s how our online study will work. This particular book is formatted as a devotional study to be complete over 42 days. It has 17 chapters with each chapter covering a different name of God. However, the number of days in each chapter varies greatly depending on the name. Rather than rushing through this study, I want us to take one name of God each week to study and meditate upon. Studying the names of God is such a rich experience! Because each name and chapter are stand-alone lessons, you can complete the lessons we skip on your own once the study is over.

Therefore, we will cover ten names of God in our nine-weeks together (we’ll be covering two similar names one week). I will post the chapter to read each week along with questions from the book.  Again because each lesson can stand alone, if you miss a week, don’t worry! Just join us where we are that week. You can always go back and study the chapter you missed on your own. Below you’ll find a downloadable outline/weekly schedule for our study.

At the start of our week together (Fridays – we will begin tomorrow, Feb. 6), I will introduce the name for the week. I’ll post the chapter to read and pages where you can find your homework questions for the week. You’ll also find a link to a downloadable handout with an overview of our name for the week, Scriptures to read and questions to consider. This is great for those who might not have time to complete all of the chapter lesson and questions found in the book. You will receive an email every Friday morning directing you to the latest post.

You can participate not only by completing the homework (either in the book or the handout version) but also by commenting on each week’s post on the blog. I’ll be posting insights and thoughts shared from our class on campus and we’d love for you to get in on the discussion as well! This will make our study richer as we come alongside and encourage one another.

I’m looking forward to studying God’s Word with you as we seek to know Him more!

Download the Outline/Weekly Schedule for the study.


Bible Study Leader