Omnipresent blog

I am an only child. Growing up I spent a great deal of time with adults. I can’t even remember ever having a babysitter. I spent most of my time in the presence of others. At
home my parents gave me much attention, so much
so, that I grew accustomed to being in the presence of others practically all the time. College nurtured my desire for company too, as I had not one but two roommates
my freshman year, and a myriad of other young girls surrounded me on our hallway. As a music major, the only time I really had to be alone was when I was in a practice room rehearsing.

But then I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for graduate school. I moved ten hours away from home, to a place I had never been, surrounded by no one I knew. For the first semester I lived alone, spent hours in a practice room alone, ate meals alone, studied alone, and even went to church alone. The life I once knew changed completely.

In all honesty, though, this time away taught me some valuable life lessons that strengthened my faith, trust, and knowledge of the Lord. God knew exactly what I needed to learn. I needed to learn to sense His presence, rely on His presence, and value His presence above all others. God gave me a real life illustration of His omnipresence during that semester. I can truthfully declare that I was never fearful, and I never felt alone. God’s presence became a reality for me, and I grew to love that season in life when it was just God and me.

The Lord did send some wonderful friends and even a roommate to me while in Baton Rouge, but for a time He manifested His presence in a powerful way and allowed me to experience His presence like never before. Since then, I have never doubted the Lord’s presence in my life. I know He takes an active role in my daily living—always listening, always guiding, always seeing, ever present.

Because we can’t see God, we often have trouble remembering that He is with us at all times and in all circumstances. That means when we are doing what is right He is with us and when we are doing what is wrong He is there too.

Since we can’t see God, we sometimes make little gods to satisfy our need for something tangible. These are called idols. That’s right—idols. These are the things we cling to because they are real to us, and they make us feel secure because we can see them, touch and hold them, taste them, smell them, or even hear them.

What might you be clinging to today instead of God? Are you clinging to that person or thing because you doubt God’s presence in your situation? Remember that God is always with you. He will never leave you. His eye is on you because He loves you. Rest in that wonderful truth.

For further study read Psalm 139.


A prayer for today …

I praise You because You are omnipresent. You are always with me. What a comfort! Forgive me for forgetting this precious truth. I often fail to remember You are with me. I put You in the back of my mind rather than practicing Your presence. Psalm 16:11 says, “In Your presence there is fullness of joy.” Thank You that I can live in an abundance of joy as I seek to live in Your presence! Amen.


Have a blessed week!

Jacqueline Heider

Director of Women’s Ministry, 

Prayer, and Special Needs Ministry