20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision

Happy New Year!

Last year, amid a time of confusion and wanting to seek the Lord’s will, I told a friend, “I just want clarity.” Her humorous response was, “Wait for next year, it’ll be 20/20 vision if ya know what I mean?”

While she gave me a good laugh, I find myself thinking of those words today. Don’t you want clarity? A way of seeing things more clearly?

So much of our world doesn’t make sense, but the Author and Perfector of all things is the Illustrator of life. He wrote His Word that we might see.

He is the Way.

This year my hope is for the Lord to so ignite my heart in Scripture that I might see His hand all over my life. His imprint is everywhere if only I would look with eyes saturated in the Word.

I don’t know if you had the chance to see Kay Arthur when she visited us in October, but her instruction on how to experience and study the Word of God for yourself was fascinating. Below is a link to her messages where she takes time to pour over Scripture while always pointing to the Light that overcomes the darkness.

Illuminate Conference Messages feat. Kay Arthur

So let’s move forward this year into a season of deeper understanding while seeking 20/20 vision of the Lord’s great and powerful will.