April 15, 2013

Bluebirds & Bended Knee

He bends down to hear me.  I will pray to Him as long as I have breath.   Psalm 116:2

The word picture in this verse of the Lord God Almighty bending down from the heavenlies to hear my prayer has so captured my heart.  It reminds me of some amazing realities: the Lord desires to fellowship with me and His faithfulness and love toward me are unfailing.  He longs for me to just be available – listening, waiting, and watching – for me to bend my knee in an act of worship and adoration to Him.

One day after reading this verse at my kitchen table I bowed my head, closed my eyes, and just sat very still in the Lord’s presence asking Him to just show up.  As a looked up a few moments later, out my window I saw a beautiful bluebird perched on the deck.  I know this was a gift from the Lord!  He delights to give us gifts that thrill our hearts.  And He knew this one would thrill mine.  I just love bluebirds and so rarely see them.  He leaves precious gifts like bluebirds on the windowsill when I am still, watching and waiting.  What a delight to be in the Lord’s presence just enjoying Him! 

Take time to draw near to the Lord and just delight in His presence today.

What are some of the things the Lord delights in telling us? 
Delighting in Him,
Susan Cady
Women’s Bible Study Team