Brokenness – Week 3


Welcome back to Brokenness Week 3. We are half way there, ladies! Please know of my prayers for you as we go through this study together.

Thank you to those who have been posting! Again, I want to encourage you to post comments at the bottom of the page throughout the week. This week’s discussion questions are below.


  • Think about the way we tend to measure or categorize sins. What are some sins we usually think of as “big” sins? What are some sins that are generally considered relatively insignificant? How is God’s perspective on sin different than ours?
  • By its very nature, pride tends to make us blind to the fact that we are proud. What are some ways we can be helped to identify more clearly the pride in our lives?
  • Chapter 3 draws attention to several biblical illustrations that contrast broken people with proud people. In each of those “pairs,” the difference was not so much in the magnitude of their sin, but in their response when confronted with their sin. Can you think of a time when you responded in pride when confronted by God or another person over your sin? What did that look like? What would a humble response to reproof look like?

Download your handout below.

I’ve included my notes this week for you in the character comparison charts. Look back in Chapter 3 to see Nancy’s comments on each pairing and re-read the passages for each if needed. I encourage you to put the two charts side by side and look at each pair of characters together:

  • King Saul and King David
  • The Pharisee and Tax Collector
  • Simon the Pharisee and the Promiscuous Woman
  • The Prodigal Son and the Good Brother

I think you will see as you study these notes that a repentant heart is a heart God revives!

I also encourage you to look at David’s two Psalms of Repentance: Psalm 51 & 32. Use these in your personal prayer time to humbly go before the Lord and have an honest conversation with Him about your sins.

Next week’s lesson will be the most difficult one. We will examine specific areas of pride. There are 30 areas of pride Nancy has us examine. I would suggest taking a few each day.

Don’t get discouraged, my friend. We are all in this together!

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