Brokenness Week 4

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Welcome back to Brokenness Week 4. I believe the quote that begins chapter 4 by J.N. Darby sums up just how difficult it can be to achieve Brokenness “Pride is the greatest of all evils that beset us, and of all our enemies it is that which dies the slowest and hardest.”  But be not dismayed we serve a mighty God that will lift us up if we humble ourselves (James 4:10)!

In chapter 4 I loved  the story the missionary recounts of  how the native people would not ask if a person was a commited Christian but would simply ask  “Is he a Broken Christian”, are you a Broken Christian?  Attached with your handout below is the Brokenness bookmark, this will serve as a quick reference to the differences between being a proud person or being a broken person which will help us identify if we are in fact a Broken Christian.

My prayer for each of us involved in this study is that we would allow God to speak to our hearts and seek Him so that we could leave the enemy of pride behind and walk with a broken and contrite heart that leads us to true freedom and joy in Christ.

Thank you to those who have been posting! Again, I want to encourage you to post comments at the bottom of the page throughout the week. This week’s discussion questions are below.




I hope you are as excited as I am to read chapter 5, where we will see the blessing of Brokenness. I am so glad we are on this journey together and let’s remember to pray for each other during our last few weeks of this study.

P.S. Jacqueline’s vacation substitute ;),

Christin Eschelbach