Brokenness week 5


Welcome back to Brokenness Week 5. The blessings of Brokenness definitely revived my heart this past week.  To know that God draws near to the humble, that He gives us a new life, that He places a deeper love and deeper worship within us which allows God to use us and then rivers of revival can flow.

In order for us to really experience these blessings we have to die to ourselves.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss puts it this way, “The mystery is that death brings life.”  This type of death is to ourselves, to die to our own interests, our reputation, our rights, our comfort, our way of doing things, our will. (see page 105) (John 12:25)

Don’t you want to be blessed like the “sinner woman” in Luke 7, so broken and focused on Jesus that she was not concerned with the opinions of others.  The woman in Luke 7 experienced total abandon and freedom in worship because she understood God’s great forgiveness. (page 108)

My prayer for us is that we would allow God to break our hard outer shell like the wheat in chapter 5 so that we can live in the freedom and the blessings of brokenness.  I can’t wait for next week where we will discuss the Journey of Brokenness, I will leave you with a quote by Roy Hession that begins our final chapter. “Being broken is both God’s work and ours. He brings His pressure to bear, but we have to make the choice … All day long the choice will be before us in a thousand ways.”

Thank you to those who have been posting! Again, I want to encourage you to post comments at the bottom of the page throughout the week. This week’s discussion questions are below.



P.S. Still Jacqueline’s substitute, she will return next week:)

Christin Eschelbach