Don’t Trip …

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Jan. 1992

As I walked down the long, second-floor hall of my high school, she stuck her leg out and tripped me. The other girl, with her cute Keds, laughing at me, as I looked up to view the crowd around; my heart slowly closed off to the world around me. I made the decision that I was alone in a very big world. I had already obtained so many bumps, bruises and deep festering wounds that seemed to come to a head that day.

So I shut down.

You cannot penetrate my heart.

The world was created just to be my personal purgatory … just some of my thoughts, at that time, in my very dark mind. And, by the way, I never owned a pair of Keds …

Years flew by. Alone. Afraid. Bitter. Angry. Fearful someone was going to trip me. But it was my own foot that kept me from being who God created me to be.

And so a unique journey began. One that I didn’t even realize was happening. In 2013, my family and I started attending Warren. Then in August of 2014, my heart began to change and I was employed by Warren.

I was resistant at first, but in the release of resistance came blessings in all shapes and sizes. Change, brings about heart change, when we let go.

There my office sat tucked so cozily in the heart of the A-Hall Wing of our multiple city block church. It was my office for six and a half years.

Within those walls, I learned so many life lessons. I learned to laugh, the importance of vulnerability, that truth is in transparency and iron really does sharpen iron when your fists are not closed to friendship and instead, you are open to receive.

Hard lessons became heart lessons; day in day out the “What about this’s” and “What about that’s” were places where God used others to help me grow and learn. My office was the place where our hall-mate and counselor friend, could look me dead in the eyes, no words needed to know how I was doing. “I’m fine”, “No you’re not,” And so, it would bring about more change, more growing, more molding, but deeper friendships.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

ALL THIS TO SAY- Who is asking you the hard life questions? Who are you laughing with? Are you tripping someone? Are your fists closed to real, raw relationships? Are you jealous of someone’s “Keds”?

Hall-mates have come and gone … but we are forever stitched together by an eternal bond, and His name is Jesus.