Inquiring Minds Want to Know


Do you know how to worry? I think we can all say a confident “yes” to that question. Think about what you do when you worry. You turn something over and over in your mind. You look at it from every angle, thinking and pondering it for the purpose of understanding and learning more about whatever it is you’re worrying about. Does this sound familiar?

One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple. – Psalm 27:4

David completes Psalm 27:4 with the phrase … to inquire in his temple.

Inquire – (Hebrew – baqar) – to break forth, inspect, admire, consider, search, seek, reflect, meditate, to look for, to do research, to make thorough inquiry in order to learn more about God’s purposes, to pray

What if we took that same concept of worry and applied it to “inquiring in His temple”? What if instead of worrying, we made a thorough inquiry to the Lord in order to learn more about His purposes? Would that be a better use of our time and energy? What if we were as intent about our inquiries with God as we are with fretting about trying to figure out our future? What if rather than worrying, we started praying and doing research (i.e. begin searching God’s Word) for His answers rather than our best guesses?

You know the old saying, “Inquiring minds want to know.” What’s on your mind to know today? Perhaps you could try inquiring in His temple.

There is an old hymn that keeps coming to my mind as I think about this verse. Meditate on these words today. Take your worries and fears to the feet of Jesus and look to Him for your answers.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Helen Howarth Lemmel (1922)

O soul, are you weary and troubled?

No light in the darkness you see?

There’s light for a look at the Savior,

And life more abundant and free!


Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.


His Word shall not fail you-He promised;

Believe Him, and all will be well:

Then go to a world that is dying,

His perfect salvation to tell!


Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.

Will you turn your eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face today? Will you inquire of Him – contemplate, meditate on and research His Word so you can best discern His voice and presence in your life?

Psalm 27:5 gives insight into why verse 4 is so very important.

Read it in The Voice translation below.

His house is my shelter and secret retreat. It is there I find peace in the midst of the storm and turmoil. Safety sits with me in the hiding place of God. He will set me on a rock, high above the fray.

The Lord’s temple is our shelter, our secret retreat! When we dwell, gaze, and inquire of our “One Thing,” we can feel safe and secure, full of peace and joy! Did you catch that last phrase, “high above the fray”? Who needs to be lifted high above the fray today?

Have a blessed week!

Jacqueline Heider
Director of Women’s Ministry, Prayer & First Impressions