January 21, 2013

Are You Walking in Fear or Faith?
Enoch’s Pleasing Walk
What do you learn about Enoch from these verses?
  • Father was Jared
  • Had a son, Methuselah at age 65
  • Lived 365
  • Walked with God from age 65-365 (300 years)
  • God took him
If you read further in Genesis 5 you see that he was the great-grandfather of Noah, as well (Genesis 5:28-29).
What do you learn from Hebrews?
  • Because of his faith, Enoch did not die, but God took him
  • He was commended as pleasing God
  • Without faith we cannot please God
  • To come to God we must believe that He exists
  • God rewards those who seek Him
We obviously know very little about Enoch. So, what would have made him so special that he would not have to experience death, but rather be “translated” from this life to eternity?
Enoch’s Walk …
Enoch was the first person to have ever walked with God.  Nothing in Scripture before him describes a relationship with God in this way.  We also read that it wasn’t until after his son was born that he “walked with God.” Scripture does not tell us about his life prior to the birth of Methuselah, but one could infer from the text that it was because of this life-changing experience that he began his walk with God.   I can tell you from experience that having a child will definitely cause a person to cling even more closely to the Lord than ever before.  Watching one you love so very much grow up is a lesson in learning to let go and depend on God for sure!
What does “walking with God” mean, though?  I’m quiet sure it means more than just a physical walk, in fact, I believe it has everything to do with relationship and intimacy.
My husband, Alex and I have been going on walks together since the new year began.  He said just yesterday as we finished walking,  “I’m really enjoying our walks.  It helps us stay on the same page and know what’s going on with one another.  I feel closer to you.”  WOW!  I believe that is exactly what Enoch’s walk with God was like.  They enjoyed each other, and they stayed connected daily.
I love my walks with Alex because I get his undivided attention.  I’m a quality time girl and nothing thrills me more than knowing I have him all to myself for thirty whole minutes!  Walking with Alex also keeps me securestrong and
As long as he is there with me, I’m not afraid to walk in the dark.  As long as he is with me, I push myself to keep up with him.  And as long as I’m with Alex, I know I’ll actually walk!  Otherwise, it would be really easy to just skip the walk and curl up on the couch! 
To me that is a picture of Enoch’s faith in God and God’s faithfulness to Enoch.  Enoch walked with God because he trusted Him.  He could besecure and strong with God by his side.  God would also keep Him on the right path.  Psalm 16:11 says, You oh Lord, have made known to me the path of life.  In your presence is fullness of joy.
Enoch experienced joy in God’s presence as he spent time with him and their relationship developed over the natural course of his life.
Relationship is very important to God, and He desires for everyone of His children to spend their lives walking with Him.
Enoch chose a pleasing walk of faith, not fear. When we walk with God in close fellowship, there is no need for us to fear either.  Why?  Because God walks with us and shows us the next step even when that step is in the dark.  And when we have that kind of relationship with God, the next step is as natural as putting one foot in front of the other and well … walking!


Have a blessed week my sisters!
Walking with Him …
Jacqueline Heider
Women’s Ministry