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But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again. In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.” – John 4:14 (CSB)

I stare at the mess, dreading the next several hours of my day. The laundry pile is higher than ever, and my black credenza could be a chalkboard from the dust. Shoes, stinky socks, and stuff cover the floor of our family room. And the kids’ rooms—the words “pig sty” come to mind.

How did this mess happen? How did I let it go this far? I know I’ve taught them better than this.

Then the guilt rolls in like a tidal wave, and I sink into the deep waters of self-abasement, comparison, and frustration. “You’re a horrible wife and mom,” I think to myself. “You’re setting a bad example. Why can’t you get it together like Suzie? She has kids, works, and her house is always immaculate.”

Do you ever do this? Look at a woman and think, “I wish I had her life. She’s got it all together”? I’ve often made comparisons, thinking that the woman’s life I perceived to be perfect was far better than mine. In my drowning, I couldn’t see that she was just as broken, frazzled, and frustrated as me.

So often I allow the enemy to drown me in guilt and shame. I know better, but the undertow pulls me down with its strong current caused by the demands of life and my own perfectionistic tendencies. In those moments, I need an encounter with the Living Water.

In John 4 we read the story of a woman in need. She suffered from more than comparison and perfectionism issues. She didn’t know the Savior until her encounter at the well. But Jesus purposed a meeting at Jacob’s well that day so that she could encounter the Living Water.

Rather than allowing her to continue to sink, He chose to rescue her. He forced a confrontation with sin. He listened and asked questions. He pointed her to truth. Jesus offered her forever water to drink—He offered Himself.

What do you and I do when we see a woman in need? Do we stand with her like Jesus—listening and asking questions without judgement? Do we lovingly confront sin and help her by pointing her to the One who is the Living Water? Or do we ignore, judge, gossip, and withhold the love, kindness, and compassion that could save her?

Life is a journey, and we’re all in this together. Will you choose to be a life-saver or a life-taker today?

Lord, make me a woman who offers help and refreshment by pointing others to the Life-saver—Jesus, the Living Water.