November 12, 2012

A Thankful Heart … Great is Thy Faithfulness 
Last week we looked at Jesus as our redeemer –
the one who alone is able to pay the price for our sins. As we continue to declare our thankfulness to God this month for who He is, I was particularly struck this week by His attribute of Faithfulness. 
Read the verses below that speak of God as the faithful one and make a list of what you learn from these passages.
Being faithful is to be absolutely firm in one’s adherence to promises and commitments to another. 
In the above verses we see that God first declares Himself to be faithful. In Revelation we see that Jesus’ name is “Faithful and True.” In Lamentations we see that the Lord’s faithfulness is great, it is never-ending and that because of His faithfulness we have hope. Finally, we see in Timothy that even we were are not faithful, God is!
The Hebrew word aman is the word used in the above Old Testament verses for the word faithful. It means to establish, uphold, confirm or support.
The Greek word for faithful in the above verses ispistos. It means worthy of trust, truth, fidelity, firmness in faith, worthy of belief, trust or confidence, worthy of credit, sure.
It is difficult to comprehend God’s faithfulness in a world filled with unfaithfulness. We see promises broken in all areas of our lives. Often the promises we make or others make to us are not sure, stable, fixed and firm. But God’s promises are sure! So when you do not see the faithfulness of others, remember there is one (The One) that can and will complete and fulfill all of His promises – His name is Jesus!
Now read the following verses and note some of the things God specifically promises He will be faithful to do for you.
Do you believe God to be faithful?
How have you seen God’s faithfulness in your life this week?
If you are struggling with a situation right now, how can remembering that God is faithful bring you comfort or encouragement as you walk out the path He has chosen for you at this time?
One of  my favorite hymns is Great Is Thy FaithfulnessThe words are a beautiful reminder of who God is!
Pause right now and thank God for the blessing of His faithfulness to you. Then focus your thoughts this week on the assurance of God’s firm and steadfast promises.
Jacqueline Heider
Women’s Ministry 
P.S.  I hope you are enjoying the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge