November 5, 2012

A Thankful Heart … God our Redeemer 
November is traditionally known as a time for gratitude.  A time when we pause and thank God for the wonderful things He has done for us, and the many things He has so graciously given us. So, I thought for the next few weeks our WOW Weekly Moments could focus on thanking God for who He is and for all He has done.
I encourage you to take the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  You will be blessed!
I’ve been taking the challenge, and on day three Nancy suggests writing out your personal testimony of God’s saving grace following the progression found in Psalm 107.  
The progression in Psalm 107 is:
  • Distress
  • Desperate cry for help 
  • Deliverance
I thought I’d share my story with you today, and I encourage you to journal your story as doing so caused me to remember in a fresh way the depth of love and gratitude I have for Jesus.
So you know my story, now what about yours?
Do you have a story?  If so, I encourage you to write it down and share it.  
If you don’t have a story ask yourself these questions:
  • Have I accepted the free gift Jesus offers for eternal life?
  • Perhaps you are like I was – a church-girl who new all the right answers but had never surrendered to her Lord?  Do it, my friend! ( Click here if you would like to know Jesus.)
Take time today to thank Jesus for His wonderful gift of salvation.  Praise Him for who He is – the One who redeemed you from the pit of sin and enabled you to walk forever with Him in peace and fullness of joy.  Psalm 16:11
Jacqueline Heider
Warren Baptist Church Women’s Ministry