Precious In His Sight – Serving One Another


Precious Series

This week’s WOW Weekly Moment was written by Christin Eschelbach … enjoy!

If you are like me, life is busy, busy, busy, and your “To Do List” rules the day, the week, and your state of mind! I have a type “A” personality and there is just something in me that needs to scratch a line through every item on that list by the end of the week. It’s so bad that if I do something that is not on the list I will add it just to have the satisfaction of drawing a line through it. Do you find yourself in the same cycle, trying to complete the tasks of life so much that it leaves little time for loving, serving or ministering to people?

This week we’ll be studying a passage of Scripture from 1 Peter that will helps us learn how to  put our “To Do List” in check, by allowing the Spirit to lead instead of that nagging “To Do List”.

Search the Scriptures by reading 1 Peter 4:1-10

Now let’s do some discovering …

Let’s turn our focus to verses 7-10. Verse 7 is a great reminder that our time here on earth is limited and that serious prayer is essential in order for us to serve the Lord and be used by Him. Peter also reminds us that “above all things” we should be loving, as well as hospitable without grumbling. I will be the first to admit that when I am behind or enthusiastically involved in my “To Do List” it is hard for me to stop and serve others, whether they just need an ear, time, love, or help.  I also notice that if I do stop to serve, I am almost certain there is some grumbling about just how much I have left to do on that list! However, the strongest conviction met me at verse 10 where I realized just how much I was allowing my “To Do List” to control me instead of the Holy Spirit. I paused to let the conviction sink in and thought to myself, wow, God has given me His manifold “bountiful” grace and what am I doing with it? I am pouring it into tasks instead of slowing down, praying, and giving all those tasks to the Lord and letting Him lead the day as He sees fit. I want everyone to know and experience the love of Christ but if I am so busy trying to complete my list, I can’t possibly use my gifts to love, be hospitable, or serve anyone but myself and my need to complete my tasks.  Hear me out, I am by no means telling you that a “To Do List” is a bad idea, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I will be a list maker for life! But what this has shown me is that if I want to be obedient through loving, serving, and ministering to others, the list has to be given over to Lord so that the Holy Spirit can guide me.  As this struck a chord deep in my heart I could feel the Lord gently reminding me to cast all my cares on Him, which definitely includes my “To Do List”.  This enables me to be watchful and serious in prayer, hospitable and to use my  spiritual gifts to minister to others, which I know is precious in His sight!

What in your life is holding you back from loving, serving, and ministering to others? It might not be the same for you as it is for me. It can be as simple as not knowing your spiritual gifts or a hurtful relationship that causes you to not engage with others. Whatever your circumstances, I hope you take moment and pray seeking the Lord asking Him to reveal any areas that hinder you from loving, serving or using your gifts to minister to others.

Apply Truth to Your Life …

  • Start each day with watchful and serious prayer, asking the Lord to reveal any hinderances and then give control of those to the Lord (in my case it would be my “To Do List”)
  • Be intentional about loving others, for instance for me that would be slowing down and making time for others even when it is not convenient with the “To Do List”.
  • Be hospitable to others without complaining about it!
  • Seek the Lord asking Him to reveal the gifts He has given to you through His manifold grace so that you are able to use those to minister to others.


Gracious Lord, teach us to be women who seek you in all things. Reveal any distractions that cause us to take our eyes off you and your guidance. Empower us through your Holy Spirit so that we can love, serve and minister to others. In your mighty name, Amen.






Christin Eschelbach, Women’s Ministry Assistant at Warren Baptist Church