Revive Week 1

For the next few weeks we will explore the topic of personal revival. You will watch four faith stories from four different women and gain insight from their lives as you hear how God revived each of their souls for His glory.

This week you will hear from Liz Putnam. Liz spoke last Sunday evening at our women’s dinner and shared her story of how God has shown her how to rest in Him.

  • Are you resting in the Lord today?
  • Are you resting in the plans He has for you or are you fearful, not wanting to get out of the boat?
  • Where is your Africa? Where is God calling you to go for Him or what is He calling you to do or stop doing for Him?
  • Will you choose to rest in His loving care for you recognizing that as you do, you will find rest, satisfaction, and security in Him?

Make this your prayer over these next few weeks …

Lord, will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? – Psalm 85:6

Have a wonderful week!