September 24, 2012

Walking Worthy – Increasing in Knowledge
Colossians 1:10b
So as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.
We continue this week by looking at another of the four practices Paul outlines in his prayer that are characteristic of walking worthy and pleasing God in all things.
This second practice is that we would be “increasing in our knowledge of God.”
What is this increasing knowledge of God?  
The word for increasing is auxano in the original language, which means to cause to grow, become greater, of inward Christian growth. 
Knowledge is epignosis which is a precise and correct knowledge; true knowledge of Christ.
Quite simply, we are to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ so that we might reflect Christ, accurately and precisely in our daily walk.
What are some ways we can grow in our knowledge of God?  
The first and most obvious is through the reading and study of His Word and through prayer.  But it goes beyond the task.  How does God’s Word and presence in your life change your daily walk?  Knowledge gained simply for the sake of more knowledge does nothing but “puff us up”.
So ask yourself these questions:
What are you doing with that knowledge? 
How is it affecting your relationships, your work, your thought life, your priorities, your attitudes and your witness? 
Are you a right reflection of Christ Jesus?
Pray and ask the Lord to help you use the knowledge you are gaining to rightly reflect Christ.  Ask Him to rid you of any pride you may have as a result of your “knowledge,” remembering that Jesus was a perfect picture of humility and love always bringing glory to His Father. 
For further study:  Read 1 Peter 1:2-8.
What is the progression we see in this passage?
What is the result of increasing in knowledge?
Have a wonderful week and strive to bring as much glory to our Lord Jesus as you possibly can this week!
Women of Warren
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