Today Is Just Not My Day!

Today Is Just Not My Day!

This devotion was written by Jennifer Elliott.

Today Is Just Not My Day!

Ever feel like today is just not your day? I mean let’s face it — we all have those days. For some of us with the “type A, I need a plan, a planner and a sharpie” personality, we have those days more often than others. You know the days I am speaking of, right?

On those days, nothing works the way we have planned or envisioned. Maybe you woke up late? You have that crazy hair that even a whole can of hairspray can’t hold down. It seems like someone replaced your clothing for some smaller woman’s clothing because nothing fits right and you are certain it fit yesterday. The car won’t start and you are late for work. It’s raining outside and you have to park in the back —which will do no favors for your hair.

Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom and thought you would get a little alone time this morning but your kids woke up to greet the sun and by the way— they just can’t seem to get along for more than 5 minutes. You need a friend to talk to but she won’t answer her phone. Then— well, insert one of the many unexpected, frustrating events that have taken place that was not included in your plan! By the time you need to prepare dinner, you are exhausted. If you are single, you are wondering why Mr. Right didn’t show up … Again. If you are married, you are wondering why Mr. Right is always wrong and why he can’t remember to put the seat back down. If you have children, you are wondering why they fight bedtime every single night (when you would give your left arm to get to bed early). Since today was not your day—you end up exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and well, just down right irritated!

This was not the way you planned today to go. This was just not your day!

How does God redeem a day like today? How could this day count for the Kingdom?

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

– Psalm 118:24 (NLT)

Did you ever think that maybe today was not meant to go according to our plan? It is so easy to forget that today is still the day the Lord has made. And it is even easier to forget to REJOICE (show great joy or delight) AND be GLAD (pleased, delighted) IN (inside, in the middle of, within) it!

What if we said, “Thank you, Lord!” for the extra few minutes of sleep? What if we paused, looked past the wild hairs and were glad we still have hairs that can get wild some days? What if we rejoiced in the way God provides way more than we need in our closets? What if we were glad that God gave us rain to remind us of how mighty and good He is as a Creator. What if we put our frustration on hold and in the middle of the chaos we gave thanks, rejoicing in the gift of being able to hear our children, be with them, and even teach them—even if it is too early and their voices have the most annoying whine you have ever heard? What if we were thankful we are not lonely and we actually have a friend we could call on? What if we were glad for this time of singleness when you can go to a movie almost anytime we wanted? What if we were thankful for Mr. Right—even when he is obviously wrong—he is still “my” Mr. Right?

As we walk through this day—the day the Lord made, for us—this day that is just “not my day,” let us choose gladness and rejoice. Can we choose gladness in the disappointment? Absolutely! Even though today has not been great when weighed on the scale against my own planner and sharpie—today has been a day that God gave me. This was another chance, another chance to choose gladness, another day to love God and love people. This is another day to extend grace and show compassion. This is another day to admit we are weak and he is strong. These are the moments when our whole world watches. These are the days that share truth when we react and respond. This is the day THE LORD HAS MADE. Today I will choose gladness. I will rejoice and I will be glad IN it!

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