Where Do You Turn?



We have all experienced moments in life when we needed a miracle. Times when, unless a manifestation of God’s power seeped in, disappointment and despair would have prevailed. We can also probably say that we have not only experienced disappointment but have been the cause of another’s disappointment. In either case, we need a source, something or someone who has the wisdom and power to change our situation or outcome. But where do we turn? Often, we look to other people—friends, family, or some expert in the field. At other times we turn to how-to books, Pinterest (that’s always a great source, right?), or that quick-fix plan. It is during these challenging times, however, that we should look first to our True SourceJesusto supply all our needs.

At the onset of His ministry, Jesus encounters a moment of disappointment in Cana. The backdrop of this disappointment was a wedding, and the disaster that occurred sprang from a shortage of wine. To us this doesn’t seem like much of a tragedy, but in those days, this would have led to humiliation for the bridegroom and his family. So, upon discovering this problem, Mary turns to her source—Jesus.

Read John 2:1-12.

Imagine the celebration … the anticipation … all those months and years planning—the betrothal, the preparations, the guests, the feast, finally the marriage and wedding feast.

The time of joyful festivity had arrived. No more waiting. Just a party and the celebration of two lives coming together in a covenant relationship.

But then …  something happens—an unplanned faux pau.

The disappointment, the embarrassment. Would this be an indication of how their lives together would be?

I can only imagine what brides and grooms to-be are going through right now. Postponing weddings, canceling venues, gazing at sent out invitations posted on refrigerator doors, only to realize new ones must be sent out. All those plans, hopes, and dreams—thwarted by a pandemic.

Yes, disappointment was the setting of John 2:1-12. But hope lingered in the shadows. Jesus, our Living Hope and True Source dispelled the shadows of disappointment, pulled back the curtains of heaven, and provided abundantly more than the wedding host expected or imagined. He took disappointment and potential embarrassment and made the outcome extraordinary.

A personal story …

While writing the Refresh Online Bible Study, from which I crafted our devotional today, I encountered a short season of disappointment, as did many. We were in the midst of selling our home when the Global Pandemic happened. The first contract came in just days after listing our home, but when rumors of a quarantine hit, the potential buyers backed out. Fast forward a month or two and the second contract fell through, as well. At that time, not only did I encounter disappointment, but I fumed with frustration and (dare I say it) anger. But in that moment (while writing and studying this particular lesson)—God’s timing is always perfect—I concluded I had a choice. I could either allow my anger and disappointment to rule over me, causing me to lash out and lose control, or I could do what Mary did. I could turn to my one and only True Source—Jesus. I won’t lie. My emotions did get the best of me at times, but when I kept my focus on the One who could supply a buyer—the right buyer—peace prevailed in my heart.


This season of disappointment reminded me of an all-important lesson:

 Turning to Jesus in our moments of need should always be our first response, because when we do, our hearts are at rest, our emotions are controlled, and our souls find refreshment in Him.

Jesus’ display of power in this moment at Cana, revealed a glimpse of His glory to those He knew and was the first of seven signs or miracles in the Gospel of John. This miracle also symbolized Christ’s role in fulfilling the Old Covenant as He poured Himself out for mankind as a drink offering to establish the New Covenant. Jesus—our True Source—supplied for us as He drank His cup on Calvary. And His presence in our lives, daily refreshes us, giving us extraordinary joy as He fills us with new wine through His Spirit, making us more like Him.

My question for you today is this …

Where do you turn in the midst of disappointment—your True Source or an empty vessel?

 If you would like to study this miracle about Jesus—our True Source—more in-depth this week, click here, and you will be directed to the Refresh Online Bible Study. I believe further study of this miracle will help you discover and apply new strategies for turning to the One who can supply all your needs and refresh your soul. Enjoy!

Jacqueline Heider