It is our desire to help people connect their faith and God’s Word to real life. Based on our first two core values, Worship Through the Word and Authentic Community, we offer classes for Spiritual Growth, prayer gatherings and Support Groups focusing on various topics.

Bible Study

We want to help you grow in your relationship with God. Reading the Bible and prayer are important parts of knowing God and growing in your relationship with Him. Our groups and resources are designed to help you grow and connect the Bible to real life.

Life & Marriage

We want to help your marriage go the distance! We've got weekly blogs and articles from our marriage and family counselors to encourage you and offer tips to help make your marriage better!


It is our desire to equip and resource parents so they can be the best they can be at their most important job!


At times, everyone faces difficulties that are too difficult to handle alone. When turning to family or friends just isn’t enough, the Pastoral Counseling Ministry of Warren offers counseling approaches that both honor Christ and take into consideration the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Online Learning

You can now study the Bible with us online! Check out the available studies on our Online Learning page. These courses are self-paced and a great way to study as your schedule allows.

Support & Recovery Groups

We want to help you during those times when you need encouragement and support. We offer multiple Support Groups that meet in the Fall & Spring semesters. Our Recovery Groups are working groups that help those suffering from addiction. These groups will be active in encouraging behavior change, especially in times of relapse or when encountering difficulties during recovery. How can we help you?