Brokenness Online Study – Week 1

Brokenness_header4Hi and welcome to Week 1 of Brokenness: A Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I am so excited that so many of you are joining us for this study. We have one lady studying with us all the way from Iowa! Isn’t that cool!!??

I want to encourage you to post comments at the bottom of the page throughout the week. This week we’ll get to know each other a bit. Post your comments based on the following questions:

  • What’s your first name?
  • What is one thing you love about yourself?
  • What is one thing you’d like to change about yourself?

(I made our in-class lades do this on the spot today! At least you get to think about it before you post.) Don’t worry, I’ll post too!

Let’s get started!

I hope you’ve purchased a copy of  Brokenness. If  you haven’t, you may do so at

The first thing you will need to do is download and print your Handouts for this week. You may do that by clicking on the “handout button” below. This is everything you need for this week’s study.

Handouts Week 1After printing your handouts click on the video below to view our intro. I am going to attempt to post a  video each week that will give you a brief overview of what we discussed in class. This week’s video is a bit longer because I explain the “how-to” of the online study. Most weeks will be no more than 10-15 minutes in length – I promise! If you don’t want to view the video each week, that’s okay. Simply download the handouts, read the assigned material and answer the questions.

Watch the Week 1 video below.

Brokenness Week 1 from Jacqueline Heider on Vimeo.

Now, get out your homework (It’s marked Handout #1) and begin the study! Have a wonderful week!

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Jacqueline Heider is the Director of Women’s Ministry, Prayer & Resource Specialist at Warren Baptist Church

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