March 25, 2013

Are You Walking in Fear or Faith?
Rahab’s Risk & Reward!
Last week we looked at the Red Sea Crossing and the falling of the Walls of Jericho.  These were two miraculous events demonstrating the care and faithfulness of God to His people.  A large part of the success leading up to the “Battle of Jericho” can be attributed to an unlikely aid, Rahab the prostitute.  In this story of redemption we see the divine providence of God in leading His people and in redeeming Rahab.
List some facts about Rahab you learn from these passages.
  • a prostitute
  • lived in a house in the wall of Jericho
  • hid the spies
  • had some knowledge of God and the Israelites
  • made a declaration about the LORD (Jehovah)
  • made a deal with the spies for her safety and the safety of her family when Israel was to overtake Jericho
We know from Joshua 2:9-11 that Rahab had some knowledge about the LORD (Jehovah).  She knew of His supremacy and sovereignty.  She had heard about the parting of the Red Sea, and she knew that it was the LORD who triumphed over the two kings, Sihon and Og.  She makes the following declaration in verse 9, “the Lord your God, he is God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.” 
Despite her ungodly heritage, it would seem that her heart was drawn to the LORD.  This is a precious example for us.  Although Rahab only had slight knowledge of the LORD, she did not resist His prompting.  She acted on the “little faith” she had, and the knowledge of God she did have, enabled her to step out in faith and desire to help save the spies.  Was she fearful?  I’m sure she was, however, she chose to stretch the small amount of faith she had to make a huge impact for God’s people.
Keep in mind, too, that Rahab was a prostitute.  She was living in the very midst of her sin, yet God met her right where she was and captivated her heart and poured out an abundance grace on her.  In Joshua 6 we see God’s faithfulness to Rahab.
  • Do you have a “little faith”?
  • How can you purpose, like Rahab, to stretch the little faith you have and do big things for God?
  • What about sin? Are you in the midst of some sin, big or small?  Will you allow God to captivate your heart, pour out His grace on you and bring you back to Him?
Rahab chose to take a huge risk.  She walked in faith and risked her life to protect the spies.  The risk she took, however, paled in comparison to her great rewards.  First, she lived!  She and all of her family were saved.  Secondly, she lives!  She trusted in the LORD (Jehovah) and became a part of God’s eternal family.  Thirdly, she became a part of Jesus’ earthly family. 
Read Matthew 1:5
Yes, Rahab is in the lineage of Jesus. Talk about a picture of God’s grace!  If this story illustrates anything at all, it reminds us of the grace of God.  There was nothing about Rahab that was “good.”  Just like there is nothing in anyone of us (outside of the Lord Jesus) that is good.  “All of our righteous acts are as filthy rags.” (Isaiah 64:6) All of our lineage prior to Christ births itself from sin.  But thanks be to God, through Jesus, we are saved and redeemed!!  We can all walk in glorious faith because of Jesus.  Praise His wonderful name!
Blessings to you this week and Happy Easter!
Jacqueline Heider
Women’s Ministry