Three in One

Three In One

Hey, Women of Warren!

I’m honored and humbled to be sharing with you today, but as the Lord equips us for all good works – I know without a doubt that he has put a word in my heart that all of us need to be reminded of.

You are loved.
You were created for good works that were set before the foundations of the earth. 

You are a vessel for the message of salvation.
You are raising up the next generation of God’s army and are on the front lines of ours.
And you are made in the image of the living God.

You are made of 3 parts – just like our God. He is Father, Son and Spirit, and you are Mind, Body, and Spirit.  All three parts of the trinity are equally powerful and important… and so are all three parts of you!

How are you caring for your mind? Are you renewing it in the Word and letting the Holy Spirit transform your mind from an anxious one to a peaceful one? Are you taking thoughts and feelings captive and turning to the Truth?

What about your spirit? Do you spend time in prayer, understanding that we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities? That we walk by faith and not by sight? Do you make time for worship in your day? Maybe in the car, or while you’re doing the dishes… our Spirit connects to God in worship – it’s far more important than singing songs!

And what about your body? That thing you look at with criticizing eyes. That miraculous creation that breathes, creates life, nourishes children, serves, works, and labors for the glory of God. Are you taking intentional time and care to steward it well? It’s the only one we get on this earth – and it’s what allows us to love others and to serve the body of Christ. It is an act of worship to take care of your body.

Friend, I know it’s hard. I’ve been on a procrastinating and self-depreciating journey over the last 32 years of my life. We’re going to fall short. We’re going to eat the scones and the ‘blubs and cheese’ from Rooted more often then we know we should. We’re going to sleep in instead of going to the gym. But what God is taking me through is a season of being faithful in the little things; the little things that allow the big things to happen.

Intentionality is not something that comes naturally to me, but I’m learning more each day that every moment is a chance to accept grace and mercy and to choose to move forward in these three areas! Everything God puts on your plate and every opportunity you are presented with is Kingdom work. We need a mind that can focus on the tasks at hand, a spirit that can overcome the overwhelm, and a body that can work hard to love and serve.

Women of Warren, Take care of the vessel that carries you to your calling.  Call it self-care, but just don’t call it selfish. Being mentally, spiritually, and physically strong is one of the most selfless things you can do.  

What are some small things you can commit to doing intentionally in each of these areas? 

Sally Lewis
Women of Warren Writing Team Member