What We Are All Longing For

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Staring at this white, blank page, I find myself wondering what to write, wondering who needs to hear what, and when, and how. Reaching and stretching to find something enlightening or encouraging, I am reminded that there is only one thing we all need to hear. Because there is only one thing that will transform our minds. Only one thing will right every wrong. Only one thing will diminish fear. One, only one, will give peace to the chaos, that will bridge every divide.

Are you listening?

Only one.

Gripped with anger. Grieved with pain. Groaning for the “good ole days” that we used to complain about, but long for in the present. We only thought past days were difficult. These days cause us to reflect on the past and reject our present reality and our future “what-ifs.”

What is this one and only thing we need?

What will satisfy our anger, our grief and our groaning?

What will transform our thinking, right all the wrongs, diminish fear, bring peace, bridge the great divide between the people and parties?

All of these questions and concerns, they’re all inevitable. Jesus warned us in John 16:33 when He said, I tell you these things, that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble but take heart. I have overcome the world.

Jesus has never kept any secrets from us. He has always made it clear—in this world we will have trouble.

But “in me” (in Jesus) you will have peace.

One thing. Only one.

The One.

That is who (not what) we need to hear from.

In Christ, we have peace.

In Christ, we are heirs to the promise of things not yet seen.

In Christ, we have a citizenship, not of the misshaped world, but in a God-shaped heaven.

In Christ, every wrong will be made right.

In Christ, every question will be answered.

In Christ, every injustice will find justice.

In Christ, we have a hope.

In Christ, we have joy.

In Christ we have peace.

I find it so easy to become trapped in the mind game of discouragement, turmoil, and fear. But this is not the way the Lord intended. This is not the appropriate way to walk through days and weeks and months and years.

Jesus did not die a painful, humiliating death on a cross so we could live distressed and dismayed. No, He died so we could have abundant life in the here and now.

So, my friend, today as you navigate through the difficult times, will you adjust your perspective? Will you live as Christ has equipped you to live—in the fullness of His grace, in the abundance of His love, in the refuge of His peace, and in the overflow of His joy?

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may about in hope. – Romans 15:13