Who Will We Give Thanks For?

My Post-81

“We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you…” Colossians 1:3

I wonder… Who will we pray for today? Who will we give thanks for?

Have you noticed how easy it is to get so caught up in our own stuff that we just forget others. And it’s not so much our praying over our own stuff- That would actually be a good thing- But more that we get caught up fretting over our own stuff.

And this fretting… Where does it come from except our being afraid that we might not get our way… That those other folks we are called to be thankful for, that they may not cooperate with our plans… Or worse yet, God Himself may not cooperate. And so comes the stress.
Life could be so much simpler… But how?

Hey here’s an idea.
How about asking Jesus with me now who we might pray and give thanks for instead of trying to figure out how to get ‘em to do what we want. You ready?

Father thank You. Thank You for this person in my life who keeps faith in You and still loves and challenges me. Holy Spirit move powerfully in their life to love Jesus more and more. Grow their faith in Him and strengthen their hope for Life with You. Now Jesus as I see all Your work in my friend’s life, help me to see how I can trust You with my own. Amen.

Alright then, did you pray and give thanks for someone? Good! So I wonder what would happen now if we followed up with a call or text to let ‘em know. What are are we waiting for? Let’s Go!

Charles Welch
Momentum Men’s Leader