February 11, 2013

Are You Walking in Fear or Faith?
Sarah laughs as she walks …
What did the Lord tell Abraham about Sarah?
What did Sarah do when she heard?
Why did Sarah find this news so unbelievable?
What happened one year later?
Imagine yourself at age 90.  Now imagine having a baby (your first baby) at that age.  Pretty inconceivable, I think!  Yet that is exactly what the Lord told Abraham and what Sarah overheard.  And upon hearing that news, Sarah laughed!
Scripture tells us, however, that a year later, Isaac was conceived.  I wonder what that year was like for Sarah?  Was it a year of waiting and wondering or was it a year filled with confident expectation that the Lord would fulfill His promise?  Sarah could have certainly chosen to walk in fear and doubt rather than freedom and confidence, but because she chose to trust God and lean on His promises, Sarah’s was a walk of faith.  One year later the Lord returned and she conceived and bore Isaac.
There are several lessons that we can learn from Sarah’s walk of faith and at the center of each of these lessons we find an attribute of God…
  • God is Almighty – Nothing is impossible with God.  He is Almighty God and nothing is too hard for Him!  (Jeremiah 32:17Matthew 19:26)
  • God is True and HIs Words are Truth – When God says He will do something, He will do it.  In Genesis 17:16, God gave a specific promise to Abraham and Sarah.  He promised that Sarah would conceive and bear a son.  In Genesis 18, God is taking the next step in this journey.
  • God is All-powerful – God performs wonders we cannot imagine.  This was definitely something outside of the norm, yet God in His sovereign power accomplished it. 
  • God is Trustworthy – We must believe God and take Him at His Word.  Even though Sarah laughed at first, she ultimately walked in faith and trusted God for the outcome.
So what has God told you to do that is
“laughable” recently?  Has He asked you to do something completely overwhelming, unfathomable or outrageous?
Turn to God in open honesty and confess your doubts.  Ask Him for affirmation from His Word so you can have assurance of His instruction.  Then walk in faith.  Don’t fret or worry or become anxious.  Simply take the next step in the journey fully trusting in who God is.  And remember, what God says, He will do!
Keep walking …
Jacqueline Heider
Women’s Ministry